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Designed for oily scalps, this shampoo extends the anti-dandruff effectiveness of the phytosquam intensive anti-dandruff treatment shampoo and prevent dandruff reappearance. 250ml


A genuine ally with your battle with dandruff. This shampoo is formulated with an innovative botanical complex and a combination of purifying and soothing active ingredients, it rapidly removes loose dandruff flakes and instantly relieves a dry scalp and sensation of discomfort.



To be used after a 2-weeks treatment with the PHYTOSQUAM Intensive Exfoliating Treatment Shampoo. 



Apply on moistened scalp, gently massage, then rinse.
Repeat the 2nd application, leave on 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Phyto Squam Dandruff Maintenance Shampoo

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