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This hydrating shampoo cleanses the hair while replenishing moisture with luxurious ingredients. Enriched with digital seed oil, shea butter, vitamins A,E,F that moisturizes and protects.

Inca Glow is an Innovative Cosmetic Hair Product with:

  • 11 organic acids to ensure perfect smooth hair
  • Inca oil which is rich in fatty acids (Omega 3,6 and 9)
  • An extremely high level of antioxidant (Vitamins A & E)
  • Rich in protein and essential amino acids which are beneficial for hair that is highly treated
  • It leverages violet pigment and neutralizes yellow tones in the hair that underwent chemical process such as discoloration, reflexes, highlights or fuses.

Inca Glow After Glow Hydrating Shampoo 237ml

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